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You grew up in a small town, how did that impact your professional selling style? 


I have heard it said that a company is much like a small town.  In a small town everyone knows the political hierarchy of mayor, city council, police chief and fire chief.  In my home town these were all good people, approachable and passionate about doing their jobs.  There was also an informal hierarchy of influence and power that consisted of successful business leaders, teachers, preachers and farmers, who were also very involved in making the town decisions. 


While it is important to know and respect the formal hierarchy when selling, my small town experience taught me to listen to what is said and unsaid when meeting the players in enterprise accounts and identify the real center of influence.  On many occasions I have won business based on identifying the real base of influence.  Also similar to a small town, in a company everyone knows everyone and will discuss how you act, what you do and what you say. Reputation matters. 


What advice would you give to someone getting into the business of professional sales?


I would give them the advice someone gave me early in my career.  It is less about “selling” your solution and more about helping your prospect get what they need.  To be successful you must understand what your prospect truly needs and be able to professionally present your solution.  Take time to prepare.  With the information available today there is no reason not to do the proper research before the very first meeting.  During this research you will also identify credible questions for your prospect.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, seek feedback on your proposals and presentations before they are presented.  Always, sell with passion, urgency, integrity and professionalism. 


What is your most memorable sale?


There are several that come to mind but I would have to say it was my first sale.  It was to a business owner in Spring, Texas.  I still remember going to the meeting, butterflies and all, when the deal was closed.  I had completed the site survey, demonstrated the product and outlined the value proposition; the only step left was presenting the proposal and asking for the order.  I was by myself and arrived in Spring about an hour before the meeting.  The extra time was spent reviewing the proposal and reading an article by Frank Bettger, “Don’t be Afraid to Fail”, which helped calm my nerves.  Needless to say the sale closed that day.  The really great news was that the owner introduced me to new prospects and was a positive reference in selling other business. 


What are some of the things that have helped you lead successful sales teams?


I have worked with some great sales teams while selling to enterprise accounts.  The short answer is to recognize that everyone on the team will contribute - those in front of the prospect and those behind the scenes.  Clearly communicate the goals and strategy to team members and management, transparency into the process is a good thing.  Listen, motivate and keep the team focused on the ultimate goal of winning.  Lead with confidence, seek advice and give credit to others for superior work. 

                                                            Mark J. Weisberger
                                                           Houston, TX

What others are saying

"You are simply outstanding; in terms of your leadership, mentoring and above all salesmanship you have no equal.  You have the outmost respect and admiration of your team as well as the highest level of credibility and respect of our senior management."

"… has been obviously very significant in terms of sales, but has been equally important for all facets of the business.  Mark is a true and complete business executive who excels in sales."
"I saw him grow from a consistent individual top sales performer, to a gifted sales leader to being today one of the best senior sales executive in the industry."


"Mark made a very successful transition to sales management and team leadership, mentoring and motivating an entire team to consistent top performance." 


"… helped us position our solution to the right market, hired and built a team from the ground up, of top talent in sales, pre-sales, professional services and telesales."


"…it’s been great working with you and I really have learnt so much."

"…help shape and define what it takes to transform our sales organization into a vertical selling machine....the future of the Sales Organization."


Favorite Quotes

"The most important secret of salesmanship is to find out what the other fellow wants, then help him find the best way to get it".- Frank Bettger


"The common denominator of success - the secret of success for every man who has ever been successful - lies in the fact that he formed the habit of  DOING THINGS THAT FAILURES DON'T LIKE TO DO." - Albert  N. Grey


“The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.” - Joe Paterno

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